Invasive Species Council of Manitoba

Often mistaken for wildflowers, invasive plants are spreading through our natural ecosystems, urban landscapes, and agricultural lands at an alarming rate. Invasive plants are spread through several key pathways of invasion including increased international, national, and regional travel and trade; horticulture, gardening, and ornamentals; transportation and utility corridors; seed mixtures (revegetation, birdseed, wildflower); recreation; and wildlife, livestock, humans, and pets.

Potential Future Effects

A continued and unchecked advance of invasive species in and around Manitoba's waterways could result in the loss of unique ecosystems and native species.

This web site is designed to inform Manitobans of this encroaching threat and to assist them in safeguarding our resources. Be aware of which species are invasive or threatening. Know how to keep your favourite outdoor hobby or activity safe for the environment and report invasive species that you see during your travels in the province.

How do invasive plants or animals spread?

Humans are most often directly responsible for introducing a species to a new region, whether intentionally or unintentionally.  (more)

Invasive Species in Manitoba


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