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New Stop the Spread of Invasive Species Poster lists species to watch out for in Riparian areas and water ways.

A new Pembina Valley Poster "Wanted Dead" lists species in the region that are a problem and has a map on the back showing their distribution

Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve has joined up with ISCM and together created a "Keep A Lookout" poster for potential problem species in the region


ISCM's Grow Me Instead brochure list plant to avoid growing in your garden and list native prairie alternatives. Aussi disponsible en français

Invasive Species in Manitoba: River, Lake and Wetland Invaders; A Pocket Field Guide by the Invasive Species Council of Manitoba (Updated 2011) available by PDF download! Aussi disponsible en français



Weed Management Plan Template produced by ISCM with the Manitoba Weed Supervisors Association and a grant from Agriculture Sustainability Initiative.  This is a modification of a weed management template from the Nature Conservancy of Canada and based on ideas from other plans in various Canadian provinces and U.S. States.

Please use these documents to facilitate and organize your own weed management plan:


  1. Weed Mangement Plan Template
  2. Chemical Control & Costs Table
  3. Labour & Cost Worksheet
  4. Biological Control Table
  5. Emergency Plan Info
  6. Noxious Weeds Act of MB
  7. Integrated Pest Management Manual (2007)
  8. Best Management Practices Manual: Top Invasive Plants (2007)


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