Invasive Species Council of Manitoba

Promoting Awareness, Education,Cooperation and Action regarding invasive species in Manitoba.

The Invasive Species Council of Manitoba (ISCM) is a nonprofit organization providing a centralized and coordinated province-wide leadership body & adopting a collaborative approach to the prevention, early detection, management and potential eradication of invasive species in Manitoba.

The ISCM was formed out the demand for collaboration among stakeholders in December of 2006, and continues to grow and gain momentum.

The ISCM executive, and its subcommittees, has members representing Manitoba Conservation, City of Winnipeg, Leafy Spurge Stakeholders Group, Manitoba Purple Loosestrife Project, Manitoba Weed Supervisors Association, Agri-Environment Services Branch (formerly PFRA), Manitoba Water Stewardship, Canadian Food Inspections Agency, Nature Conservancy Canada- Manitoba Region, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Initiatives (MAFRI), Department Fisheries & Oceans, Riding Mountain National Park and University of Manitoba and currently has approximately 500 stakeholders.

Our vision is to maintain a healthy, bio-diverse landscape through the prevention, early detection, and education and awareness of invasive alien species management practices in order to eradicate or limit further spread.

ISCM has created a 5 Year Strategic plan for 2014-2019, click here to view the document.

ISCM Board of Directors 2014

Julie Pelc (Chair) - Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)

Candace Parks (Vice-Chair) - Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, Fisheries

Fiona Ross (Treasurer) - Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, Forestry

Cory Lindgren (Secretary) - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Michele Ammeter - Manitoba Weed Supervisors Association

Doug Cattani - Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Manitoba

Carol Churchward - Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation

Beverly Dunlop - Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Agri-Environment Services Branch, Manitoba

Paul Graveline - Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation

John Johnston - Leafy Spurge Stakeholders Group

Glennis Lewis - Member at Large

Cameron Meuckon - Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, Wildlife and Ecosystem Protection

Bill Murray - Manitoba Beef Producers

Rodney Penner - City of Winnipeg

Lisette Ross - Ducks Unlimited

Jane Thornton - Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MARFI)

Wybo Vanderschuit - Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve


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