Invasive Species Council of Manitoba

We NEED you!!


Because of recent funding cut backs, ISCM is having trouble maintaining its programs and operations. Our work helps prevent introduction and reduce spread of invasive species while increasing public awareness and education. We were the first Invasive Species Council in Canada to focus on all invasive species; both animals and plants. We feel that this work is extremely important and we are dedicated to ensuring that it continues.


That is why we need YOU! We have developed a new donation program in response to these cut backs. Donors will be recognized on our website and in our newsletter for their generous support of our organization. Supporters of ISCM can donate small (or large) amounts by cheque (made out to the Invasive Species Council of Manitoba) or by clicking the Donate- Save Manitoba's Landscape button below. Any donations will help us continue the battle against invasive species across Manitoba.


Bronze Sponsor: $1- $99

Bronze sponsors will receive their name listed as a bronze sponsor on our website.


Silver Sponsor: $100 - $499

Silver sponsors will receive their name listed as a silver sponsor on our website.


Gold Sponsor: $500 - $1999

Gold sponsors will receive their name listed as a gold sponsor on our website.


Platinum Sponsor: $2000 or more.

Platinum sponsors will receive recognition on the front page of our website as well as invitations to Early Detection and Rapid Response workshops and the Invasive Species Council of Manitoba's Annual General Meeting.


Any donor that donates $1000 or more for more than one consecutive year shall also receive recognition on the front page of our website. All donors will be presented with a letter of thanks and a certificate of appreciation from the Invasive Species Council of Manitoba. The first five donors over $500 will receive a free copy of the book Naturescape Manitoba as a gift of our appreciation. The first 25 donors of $25 or more will received a special Thank-you package filled with ISCM materials and resources.





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