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Campanula rapunculoides

Creeping Bellflower is a perennial that originated from Europe and was brought over as an ornamental. Not only does it reproduce by seeds but it can spread by rhizomes. The roots can travel under fences, through lawns and even under sidewalks and concrete.

Creeping Bellflower is a hearty plant that can survive drought and tolerate various light conditions, however it does prefer well drained soils that are pH neutral.

Stems grow 1 m tall or more, the leaves are 3-7 cm long and lance shaped. The light purple nodding flowers are arranged along one side of the stem with 5 united petals. Flowers are pollinated by insects and each plant can produce over 3000 winged seeds.

This plant is resistant to most herbicides and because it can grow from root fragments hand pulling requires digging up as much of the root system as possible and requires years of effort in order to be successful.

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