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What are Invasive species or "Invaders"?

Invasive species are plants, animals or other organisms that are growing outside of their country or region of origin and are out-competing or even replacing native organisms. Since they come from ecosystems in other parts of the world,"unwanted invaders" escape their natural enemies. They have a distinct advantage over our native species whose populations are kept in check by native predators, competitors, or disease.

Report a sightingWhat can you do?

Prevention, early detection and rapid response are critical for saving habitats from invasive species.

You can do your part by reporting any sightings of unwanted invaders to the Invasive Species Council of Manitoba.

What is the Problem?

Invasive species can result in the loss of unique ecosystems and native species... (more)


Invasive Species Awareness Month - August 2017
(PRESS RELEASE August 3, 2017)

Throughout August, the ISCM will share educational information about select invasive species and highlight how they are impacting Mantioba. Including:

  • Spotted Knapweed - an invasive plant causing havoc in Manitoba (PRESS RELEASE August 8, 2017)

  • Zebra Mussels - a new aquatic invasive species in Manitoba (PRESS RELEASE August 14, 2017)

  • Leafy Spurge - friend or foe in your pasture?
    (PRESS RELEASE August 18, 2017)

  • Invasive Phragmites across Manitoba. The time to act is now! (PRESS RELEASE August 29, 2017)
    (Photos: Seedheads and Stand)   


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