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Invasive Species Awarness Month - August 2017

Invasive Species Awarness Month - August 2017

August declared Invasive Species Awareness Month by ISCM

Winnipeg, Manitoba (August 3, 2017) ‐ The Invasive Species Council of Manitoba (ISCM) has declared August 2017 as Invasive Species Awareness Month in Manitoba in an effort to foster awareness of invasive species and to highlight the environmental and economic damages they cause.

Invasive species are plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms from other parts of the world that do not naturally occur in Manitoba. Invasive species impact Manitoba's economy, environment, and society including human health. They damage Manitoba's agricultural and forestry sectors, riparian areas, biological diversity, species at risk, as well as aquatic areas such as Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba.Examples of damaging invasive species already in Manitoba include purple loosestrife, leafy spurge, and zebra mussels. Others are on the way such as the emerald ash borer!

The Invasive Species Council of Manitoba (ISCM) is a multi‐stakeholder, non‐profit organization which provides a forum to engage Manitobans in taking action against invasive species. The ISCM was formedin 2006 to increase collaboration and awareness among stakeholders. Fostering awareness, education, cooperation and developing partnerships among stakeholders are the primary goals of the Manitoba Council.

"The ISCM is concerned about invasive species and plays a unique and important role in promotingawareness, coordinating cooperation and stimulating action to prevent the introduction and spread ofinvasive species in Manitoba." Julie Pelc, Chair ‐ ISCM

Throughout August, the ISCM will share educational information about select invasive species andhighlight how they are impacting Manitoba. Including:

Spotted Knapweed - an Invasive Plant
Zebra Mussels and Aquatic Invasions
How invasive species impact Beef Producers in Manitoba
Invasive Phragmites - an emerging Invader in Manitoba

We look forward to working together by sharing information and learning about invasive species in Manitoba to prevent the spread!

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